February 23rd
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What Happens Next: A Gallimaufry: Lamenting The Friend Zone, Or: The “Nice Guy” Approach To Perpetrating Sexist Bullshit→


Everyone’s heard of friendzoning – even if they don’t know the word, they sure as hell know the concept. It’s what happens time and again to unfortunate Nice Guys who, despite being nothing but sugar and spice to the girls they love, are nonetheless denied the sexual relationships they so…

Look, I don’t often buy into a lot of what people call “sexism.” Or, rather, maybe I just don’t think it’s a big deal or whatever. I’m pretty rough on most feminists for reasons I’ll explain if anyone wants to know but don’t need to for my own health. Anyway, all that said, this post I’m reblogging makes a good set of points I think everyone should read and think about and stuff.

February 1st
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This morning I woke up with a “Birthday Sex” parody I wrote in my sleep called “Earth Day Sex” stuck in my head.

June 17th

April 27th
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Not everything is sexist.
Not everything that is sexist is “sexist against” women. 

Not everything is racist.
Not everything that is racist is “racist against” black people. 

April 18th
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  • ...at the 'skramz phone sex' company
  • caller: ugh what are you wearing baby?
  • operator: my tigersuit